5 Ways to Fake the 1920s

5 Ways to Fake the 1920s

Dressing 1920s for a theme party or a vintage dance doesn’t have to involve a lot of money to commission a dress or hours combing through vintage shops.  You don’t even have to buy a vintage reproduction online if you don’t want to.  By employing a couple of style elements from the period, you could… Continue Reading

People Were Smaller Back Then… right?

One of the misconceptions about historical costume is that people were smaller “back then”.  Would it surprise you to know that the average woman living in London in the Middle Ages was the same height as the average female Londoner today? There are a couple reasons for this misconception.  Historians used to use door heights… Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why RH Vintage Reproduction Patterns Are Better

Vintage reproduction patterns have become very popular in recent years.  Even the big pattern companies like Simplicity and Vogue are reissuing their old stock to fill the demand for vintage patterns.  But all vintage patterns are not created the same.  For many reasons, they can be downright frustrating for modern seamstresses to use.  That’s why… Continue Reading