People Were Smaller Back Then… right?

One of the misconceptions about historical costume is that people were smaller “back then”.  Would it surprise you to know that the average woman living in London in the Middle Ages was the same height as the average female Londoner today? There are a couple reasons for this misconception.  Historians used to use door heights… Continue Reading

Steampunk Without Brown

Steampunk Without Brown

Steampunk:  When Goths Discovered Brown.  So the joke goes.  But there’s no reason your Steampunk ensemble has to be restricted to the palette of a sepia photograph.  Mid- and late Victorians were incredibly fond of colour.  Rather than wearing brown and black all the time, western people in the 19th century wore shockingly bright colours.  Some… Continue Reading

Patterns for Browncoats

The Browncoat Ball is coming up and you don’t have a thing to wear! Well, let me help you! I’m sure you’ve already read our articles No Sew Browncoat Ball Costuming and Dress Like a Companion without Sewing.  But what if you want to make your own stuff? Darlings, I don’t run a pattern company for nothing.… Continue Reading