Hire Kass

1920sKassHire Reconstructing History’s resident clothing historian, Kass McGann, to present lectures to your group!

Kass McGann is an historical clothing researcher specializing in medieval through early 20th century clothing. Since the 1990s, she has studied extant garments in museums worldwide and made accurate replicas using only period-appropriate materials and handwork. She has given lectures all over the US, Europe, andAustralia on studying and making replicas of historical clothing and the context of historical clothing.

Think that sounds dry? Kass is anything but! Our clothing historian has the unique ability to impart new knowledge to experts while fascinating amateurs. Kass’s lectures bring humour and wit to a sometimes dusty subject. Even if you have no interest in clothing history, you will walk away feeling its significance and impact.

In addition to lecturing and teaching, she runs the website www.reconstructinghistory.com to educate the Internet public about historic clothing from all over the world. In August 2003, she launched the historical pattern business, Reconstructing History Patterns that sells dressmaker patterns based on extant historical garments. In 2005, RH expanded to include fabrics, threads, corset boning, notions, and other historical sewing materials. In 2007, RH expanded again to include historical clothing. Today Reconstructing History produces nearly 250 patterns spanning the 10th through 20th centuries for reenactors, costumers, vintage-lovers, and anyone who wants to dress up and wear historical clothing.

She is an avid living historian and vintage dancer who participates in reenactments of the 14th through 20th centuries. She currently lives in Pensylvania with her husband, her goofy retired racing greyhound, and her pitbull princess.

Email us at info@reconstructinghistory.com now to get on Kass’s 2018 schedule (2017 is already fully booked!).