2 Responses to A 1920s Dress by this Weekend

  1. This is pretty much exactly what I need! ( I have a costume party coming up, and I’m going grayscale for it, it’s hard enough to find dresses with this silhouette anyway, let alone purely grey, slightly patterned ones, but I digress)

    Perhaps I missed it in the video but my greatest failing in sewing is knowing fabrics. What is the fabric you’re using in this video? if you dont mind my asking


    • No problem, Sharnie. I do blow past the fabrics very quickly. The solid colour is silk crepe de chine and the flowered sheer is silk chiffon. Great stuff. It makes it possible to make such a simple geometric dress that fits a non-geometric body. Stay tuned for more posts and videos about fabric choices and 20s fashions. Thanks for commenting.