Downloads Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Downloads section! Reconstructing History takes pride in offering downloadable versions of each of its patterns. Our users find them convenient and easy to use. Should you have any questions, this FAQ should answer them.

“Where the heck have they gone?”
We used to have separate products for print and download patterns. We’ve harnessed the awesome power of this fully functional battle sta…er…website and combined them into one product page for each pattern. Have a look at this:


See the red oval? There’s a drop-down menu there that lets you select a print or download version of the pattern you’re considering. Like this:


In fact, you won’t be able to add that pattern to your cart until you select which flavor you want.

“I can’t figure out how to…”
Have you watched the introductory video? It covers every aspect of using an RH Downloadable Pattern. Please watch it before you do anything with your download.

“I can’t find my download.”
Each browser and operating system handles downloads differently. First step is to check your browser’s Downloads folder. If you can’t find it in the Downloads folder, use whatever method you use to search your drives and search for “RH*.ZIP” (without quotation marks). That should find your file.

“Your website says I’ve exceeded my download limit. What’s the deal?”
As noted in the order confirmation, you are restricted to two downloads of each file. If you try to download the file a third time, you will get an error message. Note: We get a lot of calls and emails saying, “But I just looked at it on my iPad/tablet/phablet/whatever! I didn’t download it!” Actually, yes you did. You don’t have to deliberately tell your device to download the file. Viewing the file, whether it’s on your tablet, phone, or desktop, counts as a download, because that’s what it is! If you click on the link, you download the file. That’s how this stuff works; your device needs to have the file locally to show it to you. If this happens to you, search your device as advised above.

“My printer cuts off the registration marks.”
Every printer is different. Some printers have smaller page areas than others. We set the registration marks as far “into” the tiles as possible. If your printer won’t print the registration marks, you can still line up the pages using the pattern markings. We give you some methodology to cope with that in the video. You have watched the video, right?

“The file RHyaddayadda.ZIP won’t open.”
This means you need some kind of software to unzip the files. Most computers come bundled with extraction software. If for some reason yours doesn’t, get WinZip for Windows or StuffIt for Mac.