Downloads Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Downloads section! Reconstructing History takes pride in offering downloadable versions of each of its patterns. Our users find them convenient and easy to use. Should you have any questions, this FAQ should answer them.

Where are my downloads?

As soon as you’ve made payment, DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER WINDOW!  Click on “Return to Merchant” and you will be directed back to our site.  You will land on a page with a purple button you can push to download your files.  No emails.  No waiting.  For more, see:  “How do I download a pattern I’ve bought?” below.

We do downloads differently!

Now download your patterns Full-Size.  No more cutting and taping!

Read this for more.

Have trouble printing from a Mac?  Go here!

“How do I order a download?”
See the red oval? There’s a drop-down menu there that lets you select a print or download version of the pattern you’re considering. Like this:

In fact, you won’t be able to add that pattern to your cart until you select which flavor you want.

“How do I download a pattern I’ve bought?”
It couldn’t be easier! As soon as payment is complete and you click “Return to Merchant”, you’ll land on a page on our site that says:  “ORDER RECEIVED”  You can click on the button in your order under “Download” and download your file immediately.  Like this:

If you don’t click “Return to Merchant”, after a few minutes you’ll get an email that says, “Your order is complete”.  Like this:

If you click in the links in your email (shown circled in red in the screen shot above), your files will automatically download to your hard drive.

“But I never got an email!”
No problem! If you created an account when you ordered, all you have to do is log in, click “My Account” in the blue bar at upper right, click “Orders” (or “Downloads”) in the purple bulleted list, and click on your order number.  Like so:

This will open your order and you can see your download links there:

You will always be able to access your orders no matter how long ago you purchased from us.

If you didn’t create an account, contact us. We’ll make sure you get what you need!

WE DO NOT EMAIL YOU FILES. You must click the link in your order email or on the landing page and retrieve them as described.

“How do I print my download?”

We’ve changed the way we do downloads. Now instead of cutting up the file into tiny pages you have to slave over lining up the lines and taping the pages together, we sell you the full size files. They are labelled “Full Size” in your order. In the zip folder, each file is named with its measurements in inches and centimeters to make it easy for you.

If you have a wide format printer or plotter, you should be able to print these files just like any other.  Check the measurements in the files names for the sizes of each pattern page.

If you don’t have a wide format printer, you can take these files to your local print shop, Kinkos, Staples, whatever, and they will print it for you. Each pattern page file is labeled with its page size. Make sure you tell the print shop this information.

Print shops will ask you if you have permission from the copyright holder to print the item. A Permission To Print letter is included in the pattern download. You are granted permission under our copyright to print one copy of this pattern for your non-commercial use.

“But I loved taping together all those little pages!”
No problem! If you want to print out all the little pages and tape them together, you can do that yourself. Open the pattern pdf in Adobe Reader and click the “Poster” button in the print dialog box. You can then choose how much overlap you want, what marks you want to print on the pages, etc. This page shows you step-by-step instructions. This page is also included in every download package for your convenience.

Below is a video of how to tape your pattern together if you choose to print it tiled.

“I can’t find my download on my device.”
Each browser and operating system handles downloads differently. First step is to check your browser’s Downloads folder. If you can’t find it in the Downloads folder, use whatever method you use to search your drives and search for “RH*.ZIP” (without quotation marks). That should find your file.

“The file RHyaddayadda.ZIP won’t open.”
This means you need some kind of software to unzip the files. Most computers come bundled with extraction software. If for some reason yours doesn’t, get WinZip for Windows or StuffIt for Mac.