Early Tudor Project — Katherine of Aragon's Portrait dated 1502 — Part… whatever

3:00 pm 

Okay.  I had a revelation last night and I just tested it out.  What is dissimilar about these two pictures?


Do you see it?  My shoulder straps don’t go nearly as close to the neck as the original.  Same with the other portraits I’m comparing with:


So I pinned the back at center back (because the bodice was too loose on me anyway) and now the straps go closer to my neck.  Except for the fact that this totally screws up how the embroidery shows, what do you think? 


(Maybe I will redo that embroidered smock properly after all…)

I’m not entirely sure if it will help with my sleeves problem. But this modification of the construction makes the bodice more stable and it may help with holding up those huge sleeves! If the weight of the sleeves is taken closer to the centerline of the body, it distributes the weight more evenly and the sleeves will be less inclined to fall off the shoulders. They will instead pull from the center of the back below the neck and therefore stay put. Yay!

Now to test this… Also, I’m going to test in the velvet because the fur doesn’t show the drapery very well and it’s hell to lift onto and off the mannequin. We’ll get it right in the velvet and then cut the fur to match.

Could be more today. Who can ever tell, really. Stay tuned!

4:43 pm 

I think I’m getting there!  I just did some more playing with fabric and took some more pictures.  I’m going to place the original portrait between my photos to try to discern which version is closest.


The velvet draped on the mannequin as a shawl (left) and square to the body (right).  Which looks more like Katherine’s Gown?


The velvet and the fur draped on the mannequin as a shawl (left) and square to the body (right).  See the unique way it wrinkles? But does it wrinkle like Katherine’s?

And where the sleeve must be pinned on the back  to be square to the body for those interested:


Here’s the big question.  Time to be truthful to myself:  Am I inadvertantly trying to make Katherine of Aragon’s gown look like Agniete’s?  Are they two different styles?

I think I’m going to stare at these pictures some more…

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