Seam Allowances

“What are your seam allowances?”
Each of our patterns differ so you should check the pattern instructions for the seam allowance for your particular pattern.  Our typical seam allowance is the pattern industry standard of 5/8″ (1.6cm).  The seam allowance specific to each pattern is listed in the Instructions, usually at the top of page 2 with the yardage requirements and cutting instructions.

“But are they included?”
Our seam allowances are included, of course, or else we couldn’t tell you their size.

Size Chart

“What sizes do your patterns come in?”
Each of our patterns come in different sizes that can be seen on the back of each pattern. The back cover for each pattern is in the gallery on the product page. Click on it to expand it.

Generally our patterns fit men’s chests 34″ through 54″ and waists 28″ through 50″.  Our “P” range patterns fit chest 42″ through 60″ and waists 44″ through 62″.  Our women’s patterns fit busts 30½” waists 23″ hips 32½” through busts 48″ waists 41″ and hips 50″.  Our “Q” range patterns fit busts 48″ waists 41″ and hips 50″ through busts 60″ waists 52″ and hips 62″.

All our patterns include all the sizes listed on the back cover (about 11 sizes per pattern).

We do not have any patterns sized for children.

Your Account

“I can’t log in to my account.  Help!”
If you can’t remember you password, please click the lost password link and follow the instructions.  If you have trouble with that, please email us through the Contact page.

If you haven’t visited your account since before August 2016, your account was probably lost in our database crash.  You will need to create a new account.  If you purchased downloads from us before August 2016 and still have the email receipt, we will be happy to add them to your new account so you can download them at any time.


“Do you offer help?”
Of course! In fact, to the best of our knowledge we’re the only pattern company to offer free assistance to our customers. To access help, email us anytime.

NOTE: We’re a tiny little company. There’s only two of us! We’re not Amazon. We do not have live support. We do not have 24-hour support. We like having evenings and weekends like everyone else! So please don’t expect us to immediately reply to the email you sent at 2AM or Saturday afternoon.  We will reply as soon as we are able.

“Where are my downloads?”
Please see the Downloads FAQ.


“When should I expect my product?”
Our order processing time is usually within 48 hrs. We ask that you allow us 2-3 business days. After that, times are in the hands of DHL. Speaking of which…

“What shipping methods do you use?”
We ship ONLY via DHL. Please don’t ask us to use another carrier; we won’t. The final carrier to the address you specified on your order may be different, because that’s how DHL works sometimes.

“Now can you tell me how long it takes?”
We can give you an estimate. We ship from Europe, so it takes longer than a few days. Shipping for DHL’s basic service, which is what we use, can take 10-14 business days. Please consider this in your project planning.

“How much is shipping to the United States?”
Shipping to the USA is a flat rate of $9.95. Downloads, of course, incur no shipping charge at all. 🙂

“Do you ship to insert-name-of-entity-here?”
Yes! We ship anywhere the DHL can reach, which is pretty much the entire planet. We ship to Canada for $15, and to Europe for one flat rate of $12.

“Why is it so expensive to ship to my country?”
Our patterns are printed on heavy bond paper and come loaded with historical information and extensive instructions.  These aren’t the cheap tissue you get from other pattern companies.  They’re big.  And they have a substantial weight. International shipping is calculated by weight.  We use the least-expensive options available to us, but international shipping is expensive. You can save by ordering more patterns at the same time since our shipping rates are the same for one pattern or 20 patterns.  Or you can check out Where To Buy to see if we have a wholesale partner in your country.

“Can I get expedited shipping?”
We are happy to do everything in our power to expedite your order. Please contact us BEFORE placing an order you’d like to be expedited.


“Do you take returns?”
Yes. If for any reason you are unhappy with our products, returns are accepted under the following guidelines:

  • Request for returns must be made by phone or e-mail and must be authorized by Reconstructing History; unauthorized returns will NOT be accepted.
  • The original item and packaging must be intact.
  • The item must be unused, undamaged and in resalable condition as determined by RH.
  • The request for return must be made within five (5) business days of receipt.
  • Product must be returned within fourteen (14) business days after authorization for return is issued.

If these criteria are met, a full refund will be made minus shipping costs. Shipping charges are never refundable. Under certain circumstances, exchanges or store credit may be extended in lieu of refund.

Downloads are not returnable or refundable.

Methods of Payment

“What credit cards do you accept?”
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and of course PayPal.

“Do you accept checks?”
We accept e-checks through our credit-card processor. We do not accept paper checks.

“Do you accept money orders?”
We do not accept money orders.


“Is your website secure?”
Yes! Your private information is held in the highest security. We do not store your credit card information.  We do not sell your information to other parties, either.  Ever.