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Book Kass’s New Lecture and Workshop on 16th century Common People’s Clothing

Everyone knows that common people in the 16th century dressed to ape their betters.  However the archaeological evidence from burials and bog finds tells a different story.  The end result may look similar to the clothing of wealthy people, but common people’s clothing differed in more than just materials and adornment.  The construction of common people’s clothing was vastly different.

Drawing on 20 years of hands-on study and reconstruction of extant garments from all over Europe, Kass will explain the construction details of common people’s clothing and demonstrate how a dress can be made from 2 yards of fabric and a jacket from only 1 yard.

The lecture is available as a stand-alone lecture and as a lecture and workshop.  The workshop involves hands-on construction techniques.  Participants will work on a garment that can be completed at home.

Kass is also available to present lectures to your group on other historical periods from medieval through modern.  Email for details.

Who is Kass?

In addition to lecturing and teaching, Kass runs the website to educate the Internet public about historic clothing from all over the world. In August 2003, she launched the historical pattern business, Reconstructing History Patterns that sells dressmaker patterns based on extant historical garments. In 2005, RH expanded to include fabrics, threads, corset boning, notions, and other historical sewing materials. In 2007, RH expanded again to include historical clothing. Today Reconstructing History produces over 300 patterns spanning the 10th through 20th centuries for reenactors, costumers, vintage-lovers, and anyone who wants to dress up and wear historical clothing.

She is an avid living historian and vintage dancer who participates in reenactments of the 14th through 20th centuries. She currently lives in Pensylvania with her husband, her goofy retired racing greyhound, and her pitbull princess.

Email us at now to get on Kass’s 2018 schedule.