A Safavid Persian Outfit:  The Overview

A Safavid Persian Outfit: The Overview

My next project is a Safavid Persian woman’s outfit based on this picture (at left) of a princess from 1541. This outfit consists of three robes, trousers, underwear, head coverings, jewelry and makeup. Many people assume that 16th century Persian and 16th century Turkish women’s clothing is the same except for their headcoverings.  However just… Continue Reading

The Killery Coat – Sleeves!

Finally! Sleeves! I’ve been really remiss about posting updates to the Killery Coat project, for which I earnestly apologize. There are Reasons, but none of those matter. Except one: Sleeves are scary. Sleeves are always scary. Ask anyone who’s tried and failed to set a sleeve! They go in wrong, they look awful, they make… Continue Reading

An Ottoman Turkish Outfit — Final: The Whole Shebang

The clothing of Ottoman Turkey is fairly unique in that it’s modular.  Usually in historical costuming, we complain about the people who won’t wear their sleeves because “it’s too hot” or cover their heads because “I hate hats” or wear a neck covering because “I can’t stand anything touching my throat”.  But in Ottoman Turkey,… Continue Reading

The Killery Coat – The Sleeves. Kind of.

Okay, I’m beyond late with this. I admit it. Why? Because sleeves are a pain in the ass. See, there’s this very, very distinctive way the Early Modern Irish tended to put sleeves onto garments. You see it all over the place, from the Kilcommon Jacket to the Tipperary Coat. The Killery Coat has it,… Continue Reading