Alan Nightcap Embroidery Pattern


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New from Reconstructing History!  Extreme Embroidery Patterns by Laura Mellin!

These painstakingly-documented embroidery patterns are taken from extant embroidered garments and period portraiture.  Each design has been extensively researched and drawn out for your ease of use.

The embroidered nightcap of the late 16th/early 17th century was a simple but often elaborately decorated linen cap.  Contrary to its name, it was not only worn in bed, but indoors at home, when receiving visitors in a more informal setting.  Despite the idea of informality when at home, the Elizabethans were great sticklers for respectable attire, and they wore their heads covered even indoors.

This nightcap, like all Laura’s patterns, is designed so that you can decide independently how you wish to embroider it.  This is a correct technique for the patterns and embroidery books of the period, which were sold with the idea that the needle-worker who bought them would make all the decisions about colour and style of stitches.  This is quite different from the embroidery patterns and kits sold today, but it allows you to create an entirely unique work, and you are virtually guaranteed that no-one will ever have a nightcap that is identical to yours.

Each full-sized pattern is ready to transfer to your embroidery medium.  Just follow the instructions for transferring the pattern, thread your needle, and go!

Choose Medium for heads 22 ¼”, Large for heads 23″ and Extra Large for heads 24 ½”.


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Paper Pattern, Downloadable

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Medium for heads 22¼", Large for heads 23", Extra Large for heads 24½"


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