Complete Heian Japan Nobleladies’ Package


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Get Everything for the Heian Noblewoman in One Discounted Package!

Get all the patterns you need to make yourself karaginu mo (aka ju-ni hitoe), the beautiful full Heian Noblelady’s outfit like Murasaki Shikibu would have worn when she wrote The Tale of Genji!  We’ve made it easy for you with this Reconstructing History Pattern Package. The package includes all the patterns needed to make a full outfit for a noble woman living in the ancient capital of Japan at the height of the Heian period (900 through 1200).  (Pssst:  it’s also everything you need for everyday lady’s dress in the Heian period and Kamakura period too!)

    Package includes:

  • RH409 — Heian Lady’s Underthings
  • RH410 — Heian Lady’s Informal Robes
  • RH411 — Heian Lady’s Formal Robes

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