Golden Age of Piracy Women’s Getting Dressed Guide

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Women’s Pirate Age Getting Dressed Guide

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Get Dressed Properly!

Since the publication of Janet Arnold’s work on early 18th century dress in the 1970s and 80s, not much has been written about the clothing of the Golden Age of Piracy.  But for people who wear reproductions of late 17th century and early 18th century clothing at historic sites, reenactments, pirate events, Restoration plays, Western Martial Arts, and living history events, this body of knowledge is lacking one essential piece — a simple guide on how to get dressed.  What pieces are essential to be dressed properly?  What garments can be omitted for reasons of comfort without compromising the accuracy of the outfit?  Where is the line between costume and clothing?

Reconstructing History’s Golden Age of Piracy Women’s Getting Dressed Guide is meant to fill that void.

This 50-page downloadable guide, written by clothing historian Kass McGann and backed by 20 years of research, will tell you everything you need to know to dress historically accurately as a Common or Wealthy Woman from late 17th century to early 18th century Europe and her colonies.

The Getting Dressed Guides are not intended to be books of all knowledge.  In these pages you will not find debates about the construction of coats or what sheep breeds were in use in the English wool industry. You will simply find a list of garments commonly worn by European women in the late 17th century to early 18th century and the manner in which they were worn.  General fabric types and other pertinent information is included, but more detail than this is outside the scope of this Guide.  In other words, the Getting Dressed Guides are guides to teach you how to get dressed for this period and location.  “Everything you need to know to get dressed.”

If you find a garment listed in a Getting Dressed Guide, you can be sure it was worn in the period covered. If you do not find a garment listed in these pages, that only means it was not common enough for us to include.

Download your copy now and start dressing today!

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  1. tamadrummer83 (verified owner)

    Kass’s Dressing Guilds are a MUST For Re-Enactors and Theatrical costumes alike IF You want the “PROPER LOOK” For the Period you are portraying!

    YEP! You can’t go wrong! AND If you are like ME, I have printed MINE Out and taken them to be bound into a proper book! So I have them At Hand as it were!

    Again these Are a “MUST HAVE” ITEM In Your Costuming/Historical Clothing Arsenal! 😀

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