RH205 — 1570s-1600 Doublet


16th century Men’s Elizabethan Doublet sewing pattern



Make your own peascod belly with our pattern!

Buy our full-size paper patterns with complete instructions and historical notes for man’s doublet circa 1570s-1600. Included are instructions for optional peascod belly. Fits chests 34″-54″. All sizes included in one envelope. Embellishment suggestions included.

Suggested Fabrics:
wool, heavyweight silk
lightweight silk or linen for lining
heavy linen or canvas for interlining

Yardage Requirements:
3 yds at least 45″ wide

wool felt or padding for belly
up to 30-5/8″ buttons for front closure
buttonhole floss
cotton or wool batting (optional)
7-5/8″ buttons for arm closure (optional)
silk ribbon (optional)

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Paper Pattern, Downloadable


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