RH206 — 1570s-1600 Breeches or Trunkhose

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16thc Men’s Elizabethan Breeches sewing pattern



Make yourself some Pumpkin Pants!

Buy our full-size paper patterns with complete instructions and historical notes for man’s breeches circa 1570-1600 (aka Trunkhose or “Pumpkin Pants”). Fits waists 28″-50″. All sizes included in one envelope. Embellishment suggestions included.

Suggested Fabrics:
wool, heavyweight silk
lightweight silk or linen for lining

Yardage Requirements:
4 yds at least 60″ wide

5-5/8″ buttons for fly closure (optional)
buttonhole floss
silk ribbon (optional)

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Paper Pattern, Downloadable

1 review for RH206 — 1570s-1600 Breeches or Trunkhose

  1. Nola (verified owner)

    I have now made this pattern several times for costuming Shakespearean plays. Because I was sewing for the stage, I did make some alterations for convenience rather than historical accuracy, namely: omitting the codpiece opening, the hand stitching, and adapting the recommended waistband and leg treatment. I ended up elasticising the waist and the legs and stitching up the front crotch seam.
    I loved the finished result. The instructions were reasonably clear, but I did need to read carefully at times, especially with regards to the breeches opening and the codpiece. This partly informed my decision to resort to elastic (and also doubts about the appropriateness of said codpiece for a high school production!). I do not think that the instructions are clear enough to support absolute beginners or even adventurous beginners. Experienced dressmakers of intermediate – advanced skill should have no difficulty.
    I recommend the importance of scrupulously keeping the PDF pattern tiles in order. When the tiles are in order, they assemble easily into the finished pattern. However, I did find that the lack of numbering of the tiles had me scratching my head and referring to the pattern overview sheet frequently to check that I was on the right track while I was piecing the pattern together.
    I was delighted with the finished results of this pattern. The trunks were elegant and perfect for youthful characters. I have already made it several times, and it remains a “go-to” for Elizabethan theatre, especially since it is a comparatively quick sew. Yes, a spirit of adventure and a positive approach to puzzles may be helpful qualities to have when using an RH pattern, however the finished result makes this effort rewarding, and, for me, adds to the fun and satisfaction of creating a great costume.

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