RH410 — Heian Japanese Lady’s Informal Robes – Uchigi and Uwagi




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Get our full-size paper patterns for hitoe, uchigi and uwagi, the underrobe, layers and top robe worn by women in informal and semi-formal ocassions in Japan’s Heian Period (894-1172). One unlined uchigi can be worn between the hitoe and uwagi casually or five or more colour-matched, lined uchigi can be worn as the semi-formal outfit.

This pattern includes patterns for the long underrobe (hitoe), layered robes (uchigi) and overrobe (uwagi) as well as suggestions for appropriate colour combinations and layering techniques.

The proper underwear for these robes are available in RH409 — Heian Japanese Lady’s Underthings.

To make this a formal court outfit, RH411 — Heian Japanese Lady’s Formal Robes is needed.

Let us help you! At Reconstructing History, we want to see you wearing the best garments you are capable of making. Email us at and we will answer any questions you might have.

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