RH502 — Landsknecht Wams und Hosen

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16th century German Men’s Outfit sewing pattern



Get all the slash and push your Landsknecht needs in this single pattern!

Buy our full-size paper patterns with complete instructions and historical notes for Men’s early 16th century Wams (doublet) and Hosen (pants) as worn by Landsknechten. Pattern includes Open Wams with Brustfleck, Closed Wams, and Hosen with straight or Italianate slanted back seams. Detailed instructions. Embellishment suggestions included. Historical notes. Fits chests 34″-54″ and waists 28″-50″. All Sizes in one envelope.

Suggested Fabrics:
Wams: wool twill or heavy silk
Hosen: wool twill (gabardine or wool flannel) DO NOT use wool jersey for Hosen
(optional for closed Wams)
heavy linen or canvas for interlining
(optional for either Wams)
light linen for lining
Brustfleck: wool or silk brocade
(optional lining) silk or fur

Yardage Requirements:
Hosen: 2 yds 60″ wide
Open Wams: 5 yds 60″ wide
Closed Wams: 3 yds 60″ wide

cord for points
(optional) buckram interfacing
(optional) twill tape or linen narrowware for waistband interfacing

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2 reviews for RH502 — Landsknecht Wams und Hosen

  1. Kotek

    This pattern is awesome. The doublet was easy to fit, and the patterns make sense. Also, the hosen pattern is 100% pure win. It only took me two scrap-mock-ups to get a happy fit. I have NEVER had that before. You will never get a straight-off-the-paper fit, but seriously getting a perfectly fitted pair of hose is simple with the basic shape provided in this pattern. All you need is an assistant with a vague idea of what they’re doing (I trained my sewing-inept boyfriend in ten minutes), some pins and some fabric-chalk or a pen.

  2. mcris075

    This was definitely a challenging pattern, but if you give yourself lots of time, have good sewing experience, and read/watch videos about the assembly of the whole costume, you will end up with a great final product!
    Some notes:
    -The hosen take lots of time and adjustment. I think I adjusted them at least 5 times so that they fit my boyfriend perfectly.
    -We lined the wams with linen. That way, they draped very nicely. A hemd was still worn, but I made it short-sleeved (since it cannot be seen).
    -I used parchment paper to make pattern pieces for the open wam sleeves.
    -The points take a long time to create. We found that the holes needed reinforcement so that the cord wouldn’t tear through the fabric.
    -If the pattern could include how much cord is needed for the points and what type of cord is best, that would be very helpful.
    -We were worried that the brustfleck was too small, but it turned out to be perfect. We thought the upper edge had to come right up the the neckline/collarbone.

    The finished product looked amazing and very authentic!

    • Kass McGann

      Melissa and her boyfriend are featured in our gallery. They really look great! Yes, hosen are a complete pain, but so very worth it.

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