So You Don't Sew — episode 1

Today we begin a new blog series.  This time it’s a video blog.  Kass tells us how to have beautiful vintage-look clothing even if you don’t sew.  Watch and share!

4 Responses to So You Don't Sew — episode 1

  1. Kass
    We love your work and can’t wait to see more of this blog series!
    Our krewe is focused on 1415 through 1460 and we’ve been watching your site and talking about your research. And we LOVE the idea of vintage travel! Any time you want to journey to New Orleans let us know!
    Can’t wait for the next vlog post:)

    • Thanks, Antoinette! I definitely want to come to New Orleans sometime. Maybe we could combine some vintage swanning about with a 15th century workshop. Thanks for the invitation.