Why are There No Sewing Patterns for Men?

Why are There No Sewing Patterns for Men?

Poor men.  In the realm of sewing patterns, and historical clothing, they really get the short end of the stick. Sewing is a “woman’s hobby”.  One might even hear it called “woman’s work”.  When a man turns up at a reenactment impeccably dressed, he is inevitably asked, “Did your girlfriend make that?” It’s infuriating. One… Continue Reading

Reproduction Patterns

You may have heard the term “Reproduction Patterns” bandied about. What exactly is a reproduction pattern. Reproduction Patterns are produced when a pattern company takes an off-copyright pattern and releases it as a new pattern. This usually involves transferring it from tissue to paper and copying the instructions. Cutting lines and marks were not printed… Continue Reading

Historical Pattern Timeline

We carry a broad range of historical clothing or costume patterns, notions and supplies to help you bring your historical clothing dreams to life! We also carry fabrics by the yard, embroidery supplies, lace and precious metal spangles to accessorize your project.
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Pattern History

Patterns have only been commercially available since the late 19th century when companies began to produce patterns intended for homemaker use. But the history of patterns stretches far back through the centuries. As apprentices, tailors learned how to take a customer’s measurements and draft the pieces that would make up the clothing to be constructed. The patterns a tailor made during his apprenticeship would often stay with him throughout his entire career. Needless to say, patterns were closely-guarded commodities and were not shared for fear of losing business. Continue Reading