The Killery Coat – The Sleeves. Kind of.

Okay, I’m beyond late with this. I admit it. Why? Because sleeves are a pain in the ass. See, there’s this very, very distinctive way the Early Modern Irish tended to put sleeves onto garments. You see it all over the place, from the Kilcommon Jacket to the Tipperary Coat. The Killery Coat has it,… Continue Reading

The Killery Coat – The Body

No, not the body on which the garment was found, you morbid corpse-watchers. The body of the Coat itself. This week’s installment looks at the main pieces of the Coat. In the Introduction, we discussed briefly the historical data on record about the Killery outfit. To recap, Dunleavy in Dress in Ireland posits that the Killery… Continue Reading

The Killery Coat – Introduction

The Killery Coat – Introduction

In 1824, a suit of clothes was found six feet deep in a bog in the parish of Killery, County Sligo, in Ireland. Before we go any further, it’s pronounced “KILL-er-ee,” not “kill-AIR-ee,” which I learned to my great shame after a decade saying “kill-AIR-ee.” Take it from me, children: Go to someone who lives… Continue Reading

Doin' de Gheyn – Vol 2

Wherein is explored fabric and embellishment options, with exciting opportunities for audience participation. Bob waxes poetically about who de Gheyn was painting, and just what colour would best bring out his eyes. Continue Reading

What We Wear at Reenactments

Reconstructing History provides historical documentation and information on historical clothing to re-enactors and the just-plain-curious to help them learn about historical clothing and construct accurate replicas of this garb for living history demonstrations. Continue Reading