Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke Tailoring. What does it mean? Well, simply put, “bespoke” means something that’s made for you. Custom, if you will. Special ordered. Made just the way you like it. But it’s more than that. Bespoke tailoring goes beyond what you get in a retail store. Our suits aren’t made in factory. They are hand made… Continue Reading

Reproduction Patterns

You may have heard the term “Reproduction Patterns” bandied about. What exactly is a reproduction pattern. Reproduction Patterns are produced when a pattern company takes an off-copyright pattern and releases it as a new pattern. This usually involves transferring it from tissue to paper and copying the instructions. Cutting lines and marks were not printed… Continue Reading

Vintage Tailoring

What does Vintage mean? You see a lot of websites throwing around the word “vintage”, but what does it really mean. The origins of the word are actually tied to winemaking. In the mid-14th century, the yield of wine from a vineyard was called its vintage. Later this word came to mean the year the… Continue Reading

Custom Patterns

Custom? What does it mean? Nowadays, people call something custom if they have a handful of choices in its fit and finish. For example, a builder will say he’s building “Custom Home” if he gives you three floorplans to choose from. Or a cabinet maker will call his work “Custom Kitchens” when what he means… Continue Reading