Steampunk Without Brown

Steampunk Without Brown

Steampunk:  When Goths Discovered Brown.  So the joke goes.  But there’s no reason your Steampunk ensemble has to be restricted to the palette of a sepia photograph.  Mid- and late Victorians were incredibly fond of colour.  Rather than wearing brown and black all the time, western people in the 19th century wore shockingly bright colours.  Some… Continue Reading

Belvidere photos!

The final report! Robin’s dress is done (well mostly) just in the nick of time! Plus bonus Bob and Rob fashion show, AND something to make you laugh!

Don’t forget everything featured in this blog is part of the Steampunk category and eligible for the current steampunk coupon, read on for details… Continue Reading

Talking Trim

Lets talk about trim baby, lets talk about you and me, lets talk about all the fun lace that will be…PURPLE!!

and before you say it, YES you should wear gloves when you dye, but gloves are for wimps who plan ahead. Continue Reading