The Moy Gown — An Irish Medieval Gown

RH313 – Moy Gown


In 1931, the body of a woman was found in a bog at Moy, County Clare, Ireland. Though the body was badly decomposed, the garment she wore remained in remarkable condition and the discoverer wrote immediately to the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin to tell them of his find.

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  1. […] Today I had an in-costume harp gig in my downtown. It was for a senior citizens’ group Mystery Trip – they’d be given the times, and they’d get on the bus, and wherever they went, and whatever they saw, would be a surprise. It was fun to be part of the surprise! I went in the newest costume I’ve made for myself, a sleeveless overdress with a v-neck and closures down the front, and a very wide, full skirt, over a petticoat and a poet shirt of my grandmother’s. I added some of my handmade jewelry, a vintage leather belt and purse, and a head wreath I’d made for myself a few years back, as well as a woven scarf (*cough* from Target *cough*). Since I play mostly Irish music at gigs, though, I’m thinking of making a Moy Gown. […]