Internet Sources for Information on Clothing During the Thirty Years War and the Commonwealth Period

Fellow Re-enactors

The Westphalian Society by Roger Roop Formerly the Army of Gustavus II Adolphus, Roger has expanded and enlarged our Thirty Years War group to include more than just the Swedish Lifeguard Company.   Don't worry.   Only the front page links are in German; the site is in English. Caroline's Goodwife Pages by Caroline Vincent A group of pages on Englishwomen's clothing by an English Civil War re-enactor in the U.K.   Good information, especially for the beginner.

Historic Sites

Historic St. Mary's City A historic site in Maryland near and dear to our hearts.   Founded by Lord Calvert in 16xx, it was the site of the fourth permanent settlement in British North America and Maryland's first capital.   St. Maries Citie Grand Militia Muster is our large annual event there.


National Gallery of Art

Galleries of Paintings

17th Century Women's Fashion Plates by Tara McGinnis, Ph.D. Early 17th Century Europe (1600-1630ce) by Tara McGinnis, Ph.D. Dutch Paintings of the 17th Century Showing Costume by Tara McGinnis, Ph.D. A Timeline of Women's Jackets -- 16th - 18th centuries by Mara Riley Mara's survey of common women's jackets.


Ulster Linen The best linen I've ever seen!   Real Irish and Belgian linen. ITA Textiles If your pockets aren't full enough to buy Irish, try   They sell 100% linen in a number of weights, styles, and colours.   Their linen is produced in Russian and the Ukraine, which gives it a slightly ivory appearance compared to the bluish-white of Irish and Belgian linens.   It's also not as fine.   But for the price, it is excellent.   Don't forget to check out the "Oooops" Sale and the Fabric Doggie Bag for great discounts. The Mannings Handweaving School and Supply Center The only place I know in the Northeast U.S. where you can take a week-long, 40-hour class on weaving.   In addition to their classes, they sell everything you could want for weaving, spinning, dyeing, and knitting.   Their wool singles weave up beautifully.   And I couldn't live without their 40/2 linen thread. Lacis Are you a Lace Hag?   Then you probably already know Lacis.   Lace-making threads as fine as a baby's eyelash and everything you need to support your habit. Earth Guild More of a supplier to hippy naturalists than to re-enactors, but they sell good stuff at great prices.   Weaving, spinning, and natural dyeing supplies and very kind and friendly service.

Historical Costumers

The Renaissance Tailor; Period Style by Tammie L. Dupuis A very good site on 16th and 17th century costuming from an SCA member who obviously knows her trade.   The site includes on-line classes and demonstrations as well as articles on various costuming subjects. La Couturière Parisienne Costume and Fashion Site by Marquise A wonderful resource for paintings of costume of the period (and other periods).   Don't forget to keep clicking "NEXT ERA" at the bottom right to get the whole century.  
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