15th Century Doublet Project - Part Ye Seuenthe

Okay, kids, down to the home stretch!

This is the last post you're getting out of me until we get back from Gulf Wars on the 22nd. Oh, buck up, you whiners.  I'm good, but I'm not that good.

doubletsleevepinned.jpgThe new Sleeves have been installed! 

After pulling off the old Sleeves - read the last installment of the Blog for that debacle - I decided to stuff the Poofs.  Kass was kind of against the idea, but I was adamant.  And it worked out!

I stuffed the poofs with scraps of linen and wool used in this project (and Kass's Doublet project).  At the end, Iactually ended up removing some excess stuffing because the Poofs were too full.

After I ran up the back seams on the new Sleeves, Kass very kindly assented to pin them into place to get the length right.  After all, I deliberately made these new Sleeves about 6" longer than the old ones.

That was a few inches too long, as it turned out.  There's an awful lot of extra Sleeve doubletsleevespinnedfull.jpgtucked into the Puffball there.  And never mind the weird things happening to the front of the Body; it's just pinned in a couple of places.

And please, please don't mind the manic look on my face; after an hour's worth of poking and prodding various pieces of flesh under my fingernails with a needle - don't ask; just chalk it up to clumsy and leave it at that - you'd be slightly manic, too.  K?  

But that's all right - all's well that ends well! See left.

The Fronts are finished; I spent the last little while in front of the TV last night prick-stitching (hehehe, I said "prick") the Lining to the outer-material Body. 


Next step is eyelets - I'll do them in pairs spaced evenly down the front, and more in the Tabs, so I can point my Hose to the Doublet like they ought to be.   

Hopefully someone will have the presence of mind at Gulf Wars to take some pictures of me actually in the bleedin' thing. 

Of course, wearing it is predicated on finishing the Hose, but that's not my purview...Oh, sweetie?  Hubby needs some tight pants! 

If you're going to Gulf Wars, please feel free to stop by and be basted by my awesomesauce.  We'll be in Merchant Space 67.  See you there!