5 Reasons Why RH Vintage Reproduction Patterns Are Better

Vintage reproduction patterns have become very popular in recent years.  Even the big pattern companies like Simplicity and Vogue are reissuing their old stock to fill the demand for vintage patterns.  But all vintage patterns are not created the same.  For many reasons, they can be downright frustrating for modern seamstresses to use.  That's why RH started doing Vintage Reproduction Patterns our way.  And we think you'll like our way better! Vintage Patterns by Reconstructing History aren't just copies of original patterns like all the others.

We re-draft our originals in 11 modern sizes.

Original vintage patterns usually come in only one size, and most of them small by today's standards.  Modern pattern companies reissue their vintage stock in three sizes, tops, and rarely a plus size among them.  We redraft and grade our originals in eleven sizes ranging from a 28" bust to a 48" bust and hip measurements of 31" to 52"  And we include instructions for how to make our patterns larger or smaller if you need to.

We expand the instructions so the modern seamstress can easily work with them.

Original vintage patterns have very little instructions in them.  Some have none at all!  Most reproduction pattern companies photocopy the original instructions and that's all you get.  But RH knows you need more than that!  We rewrite the instructions from beginning to end, adding in the information (and vocabulary) the modern seamstress needs to make a replica garment.  We know what it's like to be frustrated with the paucity of original instructions.  So we've done all the work so you can do all the sewing.

We print them on sturdy 20# bond paper so they won't fade away like the old tissue paper patterns.

It's hard enough keeping things organized in your sewing room.  You don't need fragile tissue patterns that disintegrate when you unfold them.  So we've printed all our reproduction patterns on heavy bond paper so they last a long time.  And if you buy the downloadable version, you can print yourself a new copy any time you want.

We include historical notes about the fashions of the time so you know how the garment was originally worn.

Original vintage patterns didn't need to tell people what to wear with the garments they made.  But we need that kind of advice.  Our pattern come with extensive historical notes so you can put your outfit in context and understand when it would and wouldn't be wore and what goes with it. They don't call us "Reconstructing History" for nuthin'!

We don't forget the boys!

Our very first patterns -- printed in 2003 -- were for men's English Civil War garments.  Unlike most pattern companies, we don't do one pattern for men and hundreds for women.  We produce vintage patterns for men from size 38 to 54.

Why not buy some today?

Click below for a video demonstrating why Reconstructing History Vintage patterns are better: [embed]https://youtu.be/Qdupa_T6NBw[/embed] And as always, we back up every purchase with our Help Line to answer any questions you may have. Email Reconstructing History at info@reconstructinghistory.com or order online now!