Bodice construction

So picking up where we left off, I'm using RH943 to make a bodice for Belvidere based on gown in the MET. 

I'm using an eggplant colored sateen for the lining, I bought it for a project, but I can no longer remember what that project was, so out of the stash it came.

One of the quirks I've picked up in my travels, is the method I use to attach my side back panels. Observe:

First I fold under the seam allowance on the curved edge of the side back pieces

Then I pin the side back seams over the back piece and top-stitch down.

I do this for two reasons. #1 my boss in London had an original that was done this way and #2 it gives you a really smooth back seam without all the puckering that princess seams are prone too. 

I finished my edges by sewing bias tape along the outside edges, turning it under and whipstitching it down. 

Then an EPIC battle ragged against the sleeves. Just let me say for the beginner sewers out there, SLEEVES SUCK no matter how experienced you are. Sleeves require easing, which really isn't easy at all, it's decidedly mis-marketed. It should be called harding, or cursing, or eviling. Anyway you have to evil your sleeves in which requires much cursing and usually at least two time outs in the naughty pile. There are no pictures of this, Rob is far to smart to try to bring a camera near me when I'm yelling at a pile of fabric in my lap.

So here it is so far. Still not happy with the sleeves, but they're going to be for now until I know the dang thing is wearable on Saturday and if there's time THEN I'll reset them for the eleventy-billionth time.