Custom Patterns

Custom? What does it mean? Nowadays, people call something custom if they have a handful of choices in its fit and finish. For example, a builder will say he’s building “Custom Home” if he gives you three floorplans to choose from. Or a cabinet maker will call his work “Custom Kitchens” when what he means is you have a choice of dark brown or light brown cabinets. When we say we are offering Custom Patterns, that means that they are custom-made to your personal measurements. At Reconstructing History, we’ve been making clothing for all kinds of people for a long time. We know that there is no such thing as a “perfect” size. But in order to produce a pattern, we have to narrow down the sizes to a handful of choices. We are proud to say that we still give you more size choices than any other major pattern company in business today. But still, if you’re not one of those sizes, patterns make more work for you. Until now. RH Custom Patterns are made using your measurements, not the standard measurements of the pattern industry. So if you are short-waisted or have extra-long legs or have one shoulder higher than the other, we will make a pattern that fits YOU. Now Custom Patterns aren’t perfect. They won’t jump out of the envelope and make themselves. You still have to fit the pattern on your body. But an RH Custom Pattern -- made to your specific measurements -- is going to get you closer to perfect than any other pattern you have ever owned. When ordering, please remember that the pattern is made to fit your measurements, so make sure you take you measurements carefully and accurately. It’s probably best to have a friend take them for you. It’s also not a bad idea to have some chocolate and maybe some wine on hand since numbers can sometimes be less sympathetic than we want them to be. Don’t fit into your clothes. Make clothes that fit YOU! Buy an RH Custom Pattern today. ——————– © 2011 Kass McGann. All Rights Reserved. The Author of this work retains full copyright for this material. Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this document for non-commercial private research or educational purposes provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved on all copies.