CYPHAN Outfit -- sewing the skirts part one

9:48 am

So I actually got all six seams and the side opening hemmed before I went to bed last night. I gave the skirt a quick press and put it on the dress form this morning so you could see it.


(As you can see, there are still some very significant wrinkles in the fabric.  Remember that this sari sat folded in a box for many years.  I am a little afraid to really heat up the iron because I think the gold is poly and I don't want it to melt.  But I will try ironing with a pressing cloth and more steam later.  For now, there is time for them to hang out a bit.)

I think Kate was totally right on the money when she suggested I use the many-roundelled bit of the sari for the back panel only. The roundels are kinda scarce as you look at the front and the sides. And then -- ka-BAM -- gold roundels all over my bum! I love it.

the side and front of the skirt close-up

close-up of the back gathers

The back here is just gathered quickly so I could put the skirt on the dress form and look at it. But I'm thinking I want to do something more structured than this for pleats. Yes, this is an underskirt and the pleats will be covered by the Orange Overskirt of Doom. But if I ever want to wear it in another configuration, I want it to be a good as it can be. So I'm going to cartridge pleat the back panel to give it more structure and form. Directions on how to cartridge pleat can be found here.

Next... the orange overskirt!