CYPHAN Outfit -- sewing the skirts part two

8:16 pm

TV324coversm.jpg So I'm making the Orange Overskirt of Doom using Truly Victorian's Long Draped Overskirt pattern.  You can see a picture of it at left.  This is what I've been working on all day.  There are a LOT of pleats.  See?




pleats along the both edges of the side and back skirt pieces


Next I aligned all the pleats on the side with the pleats on the back and slowly and carefully sewed them together. The pictures below show a skirt where the darts are only pinned and the hem is not done. There is no waistband yet. Also, the ties under the skirt have not been added and the pleats are not quite properly arranged in front. I just wanted to get the thing on the dress form for you to see. (I'm a little concerned at how the overskirt has completely collapsed the underskirt on the dress form. You can hardly see it but I didn't take the underskirt off! Methinks some serious petticoats may be required.)


the overskirt from the front and the side (front view also taken with flash)

Next... the pink bodice!