CYPHAN outfit -- the explanation

I said I was going to blog everyday. Well, here's me trying to keep that promise... at least on weekdays. =)

You'll notice the title of this blog is "CYPHAN outfit".  You may be asking what is CYPHAN.  Well, our friend, Mike, who runs Reenactor Fest in Chicago every year, is branching out into new dress-up-in-funny-clothes territory and running a Science-Fiction convention in Chicago this June.  It is called CYPHAN .  You'll also notice that it's on our Events page.  That's because Mike thinks our Victorian patterns will sell to the Stemapunk crowd. And we need a totally not pre-1600 event a month before Pennsic to keep us sane.

So CYPHAN is a Sci-Fi convention in Chicago in June, and since Jewel Stait is going to be there, one of the parties is going to be a Browncoat Ball.

Simply (and briefly, so I have more to write about tomorrow), this blog is going to be about my outfit for the Browncoat Ball at Cyphan.  Those of you who know me know that I've never done Sci-Fi costuming before.  And even my fantasy costuming has been heavily dependent upon historical models.  So this will be a first. 

Stay tuned...