Fire in Cairo -- Arrival Outfit -- Part Three point Five - more fitting

After I resewed the back seams and put the bones in last night, I tried on the jacket and noticed something...


Do you see it?

Look at the tops of the sleeves.

See it now?

That's right! The sleeves are sitting a full inch past the edge of my shoulder. That's why the tops of the sleeves looks so empty -- there's no shoulder in there!

There's only one thing to do: rip off the sleeves and reposition them. (This is when I really REALLY wish I had a dress form that was my size like my old duct tape double used to be.)

So I picked the threads and removed the sleeves last night and basted the left one on on one inch further up on my shoulder and tried it on just to see if that did it.


I think I got it. What do you think?

(For the record, I think that that weird pooching where the side back seam meets the sleeve is due to there being multiple heavy seam allowances in that area. When I sew the sleeve permanently and cut away the excess inside the sleeve, that should all go away... I hope!)

Later today:   Oh, I don't know...