Fire in Cairo -- Part Two - the plotting

Cairolinenfront.jpg As you will recall from yesterday, I'm making a hot weather outfit for Belvidere Victorian Days next month based on the idea that it is Cairo in 1888. Yesterday I showed a picture of what I want to make and listed patterns that I intend to use. Today, we're all about playing around with fabric and trying to get the drape right.

On the right you will see a photo of my poor dress dummy, listing to port, with a tremendous amount of linen wrapped around her insubstantial hips. (I know this dummy is supposed to be my measurements, but my corset doesn't even flare over these hips. They're quite narrow!)

Anyway, what you're seeing at right is a length of my striped linen wrapped around the dress form to give the idea of the underskirts and another piece wrapped around the hips to give the idea of the hip swag seen in yesterday's inspiration picture.

Cairolinenside.jpg Looking from the side, it may be easier to see where this is going.

Tomorrow:   Cutting it out!