Historic Clothing

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Historically-accurate, beautiful clothing with high-quality materials ensures a memorable performance at historical events and reenactments. You'll love our large selection of historic clothing patterns! Find a wide variety of patterns, yard goods (bolt fabric by the yard), notions and accessories to make the finest Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern fashion.

A discerning actor enjoys the best looking wardrobe. This is especially important when you are the star of the show. Step on stage with confidence knowing your historic attire is professionally researched for living historians and thespians.

Reenactors enjoy having a variety of options available. Having a second full set of clothes on hand allows you to cope with unforeseen circumstances (weather or accident), and will guarantee you're ready to change time periods on short notice.

Whether you need to complete your existing wardrobe with accessories or begin building a new era-specific outfit, you'll enjoy our complete line of impeccably-researched and historically accurate patterns.

Our historic patterns and materials are based on solid research. We pride ourselves in putting historical accuracy above all else in everything we do! You can always know that your Reconstructing History product is the most historically-accurate on the market.