Make Yourself a Winter Coat

1930 Coat pattern | 1930s Coat Pattern | Princess Seamed Coat Pattern 9818Summer has ended.  Although the temps are still high, do you find yourself wondering what you'll wear for a coat this winter.  Reconstructing History has a lot of vintage coat patterns that can serve your every whim.  Does a classic Chesterfield suit your fancy?  We have a pattern for that of course.  Or are you looking for a more 1930s look?  RH has your pattern: coatfront1820s Frock Coat | Regency Top-coat | 1820s Top-coatBut why limit yourself?  If you're making the coat for yourself, you can make any kind of coat you want.  What about a fabulous Victorian frock coat with flowing skirts and a double-breasted closure in front. Make something from any one of our frock coat patterns you can find here. Regency Great Coat | Great Coat | Great Coat Pattern 1670s-1710s Great Coat | Brandenburg | 17th Century Great CoatMaybe you have a taste for the flamboyant (or you've watched Pride and Prejudice too many times) and you've always wanted a Coachman's Coat.  Come on!  You know you love all those capes! Or perhaps you're even more showy than that and want to go full-bore Baroque.  The Brandenburg is not only a beautiful coat, it's also really easy to make, even if you've never sewn anything before.  Read the reviews! Ride Astride Coat pattern | 1910s Riding Coat | Titanic CoatI'll tell you what.  I have six yards of scarlet melton that is screaming for me to make an RH1013.  What do you think?  What should I face those cuffs and revers with?  How about forest velvet? And remember:  if you have any trouble or if you need some advice, you can call us 9am-4pm weekdays at 1-610-810-3142 or email us anytime at and we will be happy to help you. Visit our selection of coat patterns at:  Or search for the word "coat" in our search box.