The Early Baroque Period 1680-1699

After the insane fashions of the Restoration, the Baroque Period ushered in an elegant style of clothing that was to pervade all classes of society for more than a century.   This style was characterized by lean vertical lines and an air of dignity.   Men's basic garments consisted of a narrow frock coat over a similarly-shaped waistcoat, both buttoning all along their straight front edges.   Breeches, shirt, cravat, stockings, shoes and a hat complete the ensemble.   The complexity of each was dictated by the taste and budget of the wearer.   Women wore a new type of gown called a mantua over their shift, stays and petticotes.   This mantua evolved from the casual wrappers of the previous decades into a gown that was acceptable for street- . and later even court- . wear.   High-piled hairstyles and fontages complete the vertical effect.

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