Trousers for Ladies

We released our Ladies' Riding Breeches and Jodhpurs pattern in 2011 and it has become one of our best selling patterns. Popular among World War II reenactors as well as vintage lovers and equestriennes, shapely jodhpurs and riding breeches have a universal appeal.

I finally took the time to have a pair made up for myself. The fit is so becoming.

Now we're proud to present our new Knickerbockers patterns. First there's Ladies' Knickerbockers for all kinds of casual and sporting pursuits, from bicycling to hiking to hanging out with your friends.

I had my tailor make me up a pair of these too, in heavy natural linen.

Our special Cycling Knickerbockers have added features especially designed for riding a bike. The narrow kneeband is super-comfortable. And the center back gore with lacing allows you to adjust your waist to prevent gaping and discomfort when you're bent over the handlebars.

For the most comfortable wear under your knickerbockers, try our Under Knickers pattern. Especially engineered to wear under these turn-of-the-century short women's pants.