What Are People Saying About Reconstructing History?

28 October, 2008
"For fools rush in where historians fear to tread." Excellent site, and really fascinating. I think it's a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in European social and costume history.


27 October, 2008
Hello Kass,
I just wanted to let you know that I finished my short seaman's jacket and although I made a couple of minor mistakes I am very pleased with how it turned out. It looks and feels good on and is a great addition to my eighteenth century pirate outfit.
Thank you for your support and for telling me I would be able to make it. I am already planning to make more items.

Ian Moore

17 March, 2008
Hello Kass!
I just want to give you a short feedback to your patterns: they’re great!
You have done definitely a good job! The bundle includes everything I wish: a fine working pattern, coherent instructions, historical notes with source examples, suggested fabric and all that stuff. It's great.
Thanks a lot, and perhaps you get my next order soon.


6 December, 2007
I thought I'd died & gone to heaven when I found your site, you have no idea how much help it has been! LOL!!!

Victoria, Australia

6 December, 2007
Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived safe and sound. The wool is gorgeous, exactly the colour and weight I've been after, I wish I could get more!!

The patterns look great. Can't wait to play with them.


Jane Stockton
New South Wales, Australia

13 November, 2007
WOW – the corset just arrived! It is so incredibly beautiful – I put it on and danced around the house! Thanks! Needless to say, it fits perfectly, and I just can’t believe the quality of the work – it is so wonderful to be able to actually have the luxury of purchasing garb from someone who cares about it as much as I do! I will spread you name far and wide around here. Thanks!

Phoebe Sharp

11 November, 2007
Hi Kass
I got the package friday. I am very happy with the broadcloth fabrics and the blunderbuss.
I am impressed with your fast shipping and good service.
But the envelope with the broadcloth samples was a surprise, and really great!.

Do you have samples of your other fabrics, and is it possible to buy those from you ?

I am very satisfied, and will buy more from you in the near future, The samples really makes things easy.

Again thank you for great service.


1 November, 2007
I recently purchased the hemp sailor's shortcoat, and what can I say? Impressive, thouroughly impressive, It looked like I reached into a wood cutting and pulled it straight out, the material is tough and natural, just as a sailors would be. I've worn it now for nearly two hundred hours (and I've been told I'm quite rough on clothing pieces) and its been the best upper body garment I've worn. If you want to truthfully portray a sailor form the Golden Age of Piracy, then you need this coat.

Cran Ohlandt
South Carolina

31 October, 2007
Hi Kass,
Thanks for your kind words and thoughts.
Well, finally finished my second set of stays and am happy with them. You are right, they are quite comfy. In fact I am wearing them now. I may make another set when I get the feeling back in my fingers (ha ha). So here is a photo of my stays and shift.
Again, thanks for all your help.

Alison Brooks
North Carolina

19 October, 2007
I appreciate your advice and the fact that you are really going for authenticity no matter what timeframe you are dealing with.

Brittney Miller

6 September, 2007
Even though I can draft and drape my own patterns all day long, I still collect patterns as a reference point and I have to say that I absolutely love yours, Kass. I usely don't use bought patterns for myself but I have got to say that I like using yours. Alot. You're fantastic. I love you.

Kimberly Winrotte

2 August, 2007
Hey Kass This is victor, I just wanted to say thanks. The pants came just in the nick of time. They were really nice too, I was a big hit down at crab days at st. michaels. I may even be on tv at some point. Thank you so much for all your help and for the fantastic pants. They realy made my impression all the more realistic.


18 July, 2007
Hello Kass,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to write and say thank you . I ordered the Cassock pattern (RH107) from you. I just got it made today. I retired from the workforce in Jan. 2007, and as my son is very active in SCA and some LARP. I`ve been elected to help him with his costumes. I made the cassock from brown wool, and lined it with a tan cotton flannel; it is gorgeous, and he is so proud. The pattern was easy to use and easy to understand, and I love the information you include with the patterns, about the history of the clothes.
I will be ordering more patterns from you in the future.

Again, thanks,
Sandra Cluesman

2 July, 2007
Hey Kass,
I managed to get out to the "Real Pirates" exhibit at the Cincy Museum this past weekend, and I wanted to let you know, that they did a great job of using your garments in the exhibit. The costumes looked great, It was also very easy to tell your items from the "farby" stuff the museum got from whatever other source they used, as they kept your items together, as all the manikins wer done head to toe in either your stuff, or the "other" stuff.
Anyways, I just wanted to send you a note tipping my hat at how great your stuff looked in the exhibit, and how much it added to the experience of the exhibit as well.
After reading your recent Live Journal entries, I thought a nice genuine compliment on how great of a job I think you do, might help lighten your day and mood a bit.

Michael S. Bagley

23 May, 2007
Hi Kass! I just stumbled on to your reconstructing history website and you've done a GREAT job, and, indeed, come a long way since you launched the patterns. I remember chatting with you the night before you launched them and remember your trepidation about the whole thing and how nervous you were about it. It's turned out well for you from the look of your website!

Congratulations, and well done!

22 May, 2007
How we feel...
...now that we have Reconstructing History Patterns!

Thanks again for the patterns!
The photo is from Cuteoverload.com
Kim and Ben Cooper

1 May, 2007
Hello to you!

I just bought your pattern of the Men's Cassock and cape. I'm making a Musketeer tunic like in The Man in the Iron Mask. I looked all over for this pattern and you have it, just what I was looking for. Just want to say thank you for the pattern and I plan on buying more from you.

One happy Musketeer lol
Brian Everhart


30 April, 2007
Dear Kass,

I have been working on making a sailor's short jacket using your pattern that I recently purchased. I must say, the pattern is so easy to read and follow! Thank you for making such an authentic pattern, and one that a novice like myself could follow.

Captain Midnight

18 April, 2007
Hi Kass!

I've been waiting a long time for your take on 15th century clothing. I can't wait to read your documentation! It will change from the Medieval Tailor!

Have a great day!

19 April, 2007
Hi Kass,

As usual you?ve provided not only answers but also insight. You need not worry about your informed tangents they provide just the sort of color one needs to complete a picture. Apparently my model of the diversion of the trade and merchant class is askew. So your help in refining the range of difference is extremely helpful. As the project progress I?ll be sure to give you the proper kudos.

Thanks again,

30 March, 2007
Just wanted to thank you for providing the Reenacting Community an accurate resource to achieve a historical persona for GAOP. I?ve been lurking in the Pirate Brethren Forum and reading ?Under the Black Flag? filling in the holes in my knowledge base for this era. So I?m aware of how much you?ve done for the want to be Pirates among us. Keep up the excellent work and I hope you don?t mind the stupid tailoring questions I'm sure I?ll follow up with.


Donald Smith A.K.A. Sternchaser

30 March, 2007
Thanks for all your help Kass, it's _really_ appreciated. I think it's great what you're doing, because not everyone has access to good research material which results in a lot of mistakes that can be avoided. You're really making a difference by doing what you're doing to help people achieve historically accurate costumes!

Hilde from Belgium

16 December, 2006
and thank YOU for what you do
just keep em coming :)

i know what hard work it is


6 December, 2006
I collect patterns, and use most of them at some point or another. But just the layout, the history everything about the patterns you sent was so much more comprehensive. I gave me a really good idea of the context of how it should be worn and with extra ideas about accessories. I was so impressed.

Good luck for the future. I am so glad you are making these patterns, the world really needs them.

with kind regards
Heather Lennox
United Kingdom

26 October, 2006
What a wonderful, informative site you have. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

Erin Grady
author of WHISPERS and ECHOES, available now

15 October, 2006
thank you so much for coming up with such a terrific website. my son (guile, 11 years old) was tasked by his school to make his own costume for the united nations day. we have chosen the scottish kilt. thank you for the info!

;) marou

24 August, 2006
Subject: stays

OK, tried them on for the first time to get strap positioning. And I had to email you. For what they are, a tight fitting, heavily boned, non forgiving garment, they are so comfortable. Now I understand how you can wear yours all day.

I am quite amazed at these. I've worn "stays" (If you want to call them that), corsets, and bodices (all have had way less boning) and always thought that part of it was the uncomfortable feeling. Also, I know why people always say that lower class, working women didn't wear stays. If they are only used to what I have worn in the past then it would be totally uncomfortable and almost impossible to work. But as I have now discovered, with your stays, working is not a problem. There is no hinderance of movement, no pinching, and no poking. Thank you Thank You Thank You


PS The "girls" look really good too. Now for 1685, I have cleavage and a butt!!!

9 June, 2006
Your patterns are like crack... I can't get enough.


20 March, 2006

First off....


Reconstructing History (RH) has really done their homework on the Justaucorps and it shows.

The retail price on this pattern is $25, so some of you that are used to paying 99 Cents for a simplicity pattern might balk at the cost, but for what you get, its a real bargain!

The pattern comes with:

1) Booklet on the History of the Justaucorps
This is an outstanding piece and makes the info on my website pale in comparison. The kicker here is that RH includes line drawings and museum refrence numbers for 5 extant garments. From "Lord Clapham" dolls to the Sligo, Ireland Bog Find are detailed in this packet. RH covers the sizes, number of buttons, and construction details on the original examples. The booklet concludes with a bibliography.

2) Frock Coat instructions
This includes the layout of your pattern, materials needed, and instructions for various ways of making your coat. There are tips for completely handsewing, completely machine sewing, or mixtures of both. The instructions are litered with refrences to period details and "period options" for making your coat.
The booklet concludes with two pages that diagram period stitches (fell stitch, blanket stitch, etc)

3) 2 Full size pattern sheets

4) Materials list and sizing chart.

For Authentic and Fantasy re-enactors alike, this is what we have been waiting for. Even if I never start on a coat, it was well worth the money for the refrences and to help get a better understanding of how these garments are made.

If you want a coat that will look like you stepped out of a time machine or period painting, this is the one to get.

PS - I have no connection with the manufactures of this pattern and I paid full retail price to get it.

PPS - Cant wait to get started, and I will add more as I work on my coat!