Patterns for Browncoats

The Browncoat Ball is coming up and you don't have a thing to wear! Well, let me help you! I'm sure you've already read our articles No Sew Browncoat Ball Costuming and Dress Like a Companion without Sewing.  But what if you want to make your own stuff? Darlings, I don't run a pattern company for nothing. Reconstructing History to the rescue!

For the Men

firefly4 The most common attire for men seen in the episode "Shindig" (or indeed whenever men are dressed up) is a late Victorian coat called a morning coat.  This is a single- or double-breasted (Shindig examples are always single-breasted) cutaway coat worn formally during the daytime. RH923frontcover-464x600 This is worn with the typical trousers of the time period as show in our pattern RH919. These flat-front (unpleated) trousers with fishtail back sit at natural waist and are held up by braces (suspenders). They also feature a button fly. RH919frontcover-464x600 Of course you won't want to skip the showiest item in a gentleman's wardrobe -- the waistcoat.  Simon Tam is so posh that he barely wears anything else.  simon You can make both single- and double-breasted styles with our RH928: RH928frontcover-464x600 Men also wore more exotic clothing on formal occasions, like Atherton Wing's outfit in Shindig: 779923b542d4a09703b600400c92b6f7 This is an Indian man's coat called a sherwani.  But an embroidered kurta would also suffice.  A reasonable facsimile of sherwani or kurta (and the pants that go with them) can be made with our Turkish men's or Persian men's patterns (RH405 and RH420, below). RH405frontcover-464x600RH420frontcover-464x600

For the Ladies

Women's attire for the Browncoat Ball is much more varied. But a great deal of it is based on late Victorian formal ball gowns. A great variety can be made using our women's Victorian patterns to mix and match bodices and underskirts and overskirts and corsets and bustles.  Here's a photo of me at Browncoat Ball 2015 wearing RH943, RH944, RH946, and RH960.sassypeacock Although not typically seen as formal wear, great ladies of the 'Verse are often seen wearing sarees and cholis that can be made with this pattern: My replica of Inara's lehenga choli (a type of modified saree and choli combo) from "Trash" and "Out of Gas" at the 2015 Browncoat Ball:lehengacholi All of our patterns are printed on sturdy 20-lb bond paper in 11 generous sizes and include complete instructions and historical notes.  You can also call or email us for any help you might require.  All our patterns also come in a downloadable version that you can print from your computer immediately upon payment any time of day or night. Thanks for reading! Kass