Cover images for 14th Century men's cotehardie, chausses, shirt, braies, and caps sewing patterns included in a package.

Complete 14th century Men's Medieval Clothing Package

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Get Everything the 14th Century Man Needs in One Convenient Package!

Buying accurate patterns for your garb is tough.  We've made it fairly easy for you with this Reconstructing History Pattern Package. The package includes the patterns needed to provide a full outfit for a real adult noble man living in Western Europe from 1340 through 1380 (or regular peasants 1400-1500). Make a cotehardie for your outermost layer.  Our accessories pattern includes all you need for your ensemble, from underwear to headwear.  Everything important but the footwear!  For wear under armor or on its own.  Make great replicas of mediaeval outfits with this specific selection. Reenactors Irish to Polish, from Scotland or Germany, Norman or Saxon, each pattern also includes the research supportive of our designs based on archeological examples and reconstruction.  All the resources you need we present for your tailor. 

Stop searching!  Get ordering!

Package includes:

  • RH022 — 14thc Men's Cotehardie
  • RH024 — 14thc Men's Accessories

(Fabric requirements including how many yards shown on individual pattern pages and on the back covers.  See 14th century lady's package for the female version.)