Sources for Information on Clothing During the Thirty Years War and the Commonwealth Period

"" The Cut of Women's Clothes, 1600-1930 by Norah Waugh There's not much out there specific to the 1630s and 1640s. But this book is a great place for information on the shape of clothes.
Cut of Men's Clothes : 1600-1900 by Norah Waugh The same as above, except for men's clothing.
"" Fashion in Detail: From the 17th and 18th Centuries by Avril Hart, et al Not a how-to book like the others, but excellent inspiration. Close-ups of embroidery, pleating, and lace on period garments. I should plastic wrap my copy to protect it from drool...
Men's Seventeenth & Eighteenth Century Costume : Cut and Fashion I don't own this one yet, but I hear it's a must (especially since I do 18th century in my spare time...)
The Visual History of Costume by Aileen Ribeiro (Editor), Valerie Cumming (Editor) A good resource
Visual History of Costume : The Seventeenth Century by Valerie Cumming If you can find this one, snatch it up!
"" Corsets and Crinolines by Norah Waugh There's not much in here on corsets of the early 17th century. But it shows all we've got.
"" Patterns of Fashion : The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women C1560-1620 by Janet Arnold This Patterns of Fashion ends before our period begins (1632) and the next one doesn't start until 1660. Still, something can be extrapolated from the clothing in this one.
Dynasties : Painting in Tudor and Jacobean England 1530-1630 by Karen Hearn (Editor) When costume books fail us, we turn to art books... Callot and Hollar did some particularly good drawings of common people.
Dutch Painting in the Seventeenth Century by M. Kahr Thank God for the Dutch Masters!
"" The Golden Age of Dutch Art: Painting, Sculpture, Decorative Art by Judikje Kiers (Editor), et al. More Dutch paintings.
"" A Worldly Art : The Dutch Republic 1585-1718 (Perspectives) by Mariet Westermann And more...
"" Memoirs of a Cavalier, Or, a Military Journal of the Wars in Germany and the Wars in England from the Year 1632 to the Year 1648 (World's Classics) by Daniel Defoe, James T. Boulton (Editor) It's never a bad idea for a re-enactor to get a first-hand perspective on the period.
"" The Civil Wars Experienced : Britain and Ireland, 1638-1661 by Martyn Bennett A look at extant diaries, letters, and personal papers of people who lived through the English Civil War and an analysis of the war's effects. Essential for those who wish to understand "Everyman".

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