A skirt for Belvidere

So TV208 won in a landslide victory. So that's what came home with me. I decided to do view B with no apron as I'll be making that up on my own later. 

Everything was going smoothly till I realized my fabric is 54" wide...not 60.

Whoopsie! Now you could sew a piece on there much like the pattern piece is taped together. But this presents three problems.

1. I'm lazy 
2. I don't want a seam showing on my train, seems like it's a very obvious place for a join.
3. I'm lazy.

So instead of piecing it (which IS a very period practice) I just took the straight edge of the pattern in 3". It's a skirt with a lot of fullness in the backside anyway, I don't really think it matters.

See? You can't tell at all!!

I also put a pocket in each side (I was dared), upon reading some reviews of this pattern I moved the pocket up 2" as the placement seemed low, if I make this pattern again I'm going to move the pocket up another 4". It's still so low I have trouble reaching the bottom. 

But besides the low pocket (which is the easiest fix evah) the pattern went together brilliantly. Very easy. The hardest part was cutting out such ginormous pieces. 

It's hanging inward a little as I didn't bother to put petticotes on Polly and she doesn't have any legs, but don't point it out to her, she's a bit sensitive about it. 

Tune in for the next episode to hear how I turned my hands purple!