Bob's 24 hour Turkish Outfit

So at 8am yesterday Bob suddenly realized that he leaves for Pennsic in four days and according to it's going to be 175degrees in the shade while he's there. Why you ask did this JUST occur him? cause he's Bob...CUE THE CRAZY

Bob MUST HAVE an RH405 or he will MELT at Pennsic into a whiny pile of goo and no one needs that.

 So I get Kicked off my nice clean table so Bob can start cutting linen...Now I don't know if you've met Bob but he's a weeeeee bit, shall we say, unfocused? So my job was to look up from the computer every now and again and say "Bob you're about to cut that with the stripes waaaaay crooked..."

By the time I sat down for Lunch Bob had completed his shockingly GOLD salvar. Which I thought was an impressively fast pair of trousers, considering that A) It was Bob and not Kass or I and B) He only took like 12 Coffee breaks and C) tried to break the laws of physics once.  

He proudly modeled them for me. 

Then Proceeded to dance to MC Hammer in his head. 

Bob then ate lunch himself. After he was fed, napped, and walked, He resumed his quest for cool clothing. By sewing the wrong seam...twice...Bob you see made the same mistake a lot of people do, he didn't read his instructions and therefore sewed his sleeves shut and his gores backwards. Kass proceeded to beat him soundly while I being the benevolent soul I am helped him unpick his oopsies. 

By dinner time (says Kass, I left at 3) Bob had his Caftan completed WITH 10 pewter buttons. Which meant he was allowed his required 10 hours of beauty sleep a night. 

Someone PLEASE take a picture of him wearing it at Pennsic so we have better photographic proof?

(This is why one should never nap while making ones assistants work)

So in conclusion: 

If Bob can make a Turkish outfit in 24 hours ANYONE can

Now if you don't want to be AS Crazy as Dear-ole-Bob you can buy your gömlek from Bob at Pennsic and then all you need are your hammer pants and caftan!

Ladies? are you Jealous of Bob's awesomely temperate ensemble? Have no fear RH406 Goes together JUST as quickly! You too can rock the Turkish breezes this Pennsic.