Clothing History

Tudors.jpgReconstructing History contains many content-rich, illustrated pages of Clothing History, Costume History, Clothing, Fashions and Social History. At Reconstructing History we analyze centuries of clothing history and fashion history in intricate detail: Regency, American Colonial, Edwardian, 16th Century German/Irish/Polish, Elizabethan, Tudor, English Civil War, Golden Age of Piracy, the Jazz Age, the Swing Era and more. Then we present our findings to you, in the form of patterns, research and ready-made and custom garments. Fashion history is a rich area to discover. The effects of past technology, changes in work, style, work and home life that affect trends, attitudes, life, and war are available in our research. New products are now available such as Fabric, Notions, Threads, and Period Sewing Supplies as we continue to explore and study. We want to ensure Reconstructing History remains a first-rate clothing history and costume history resource. Our garments can be seen in museum exhibits all over the world and our historical sewing supplies can be found on some of the most amazing clothing reconstructions in the world. Reconstructing History isn't just words. We put our knowledge into action. Through seminars, lectures and period clothing workshops, our clothing historian teaches clothing history to students of fashion, museum professionals, and curious amateurs worldwide.