Cover Art Contest!

RH fans!

We need your help to design the cover of our upcoming 14th century Men's Getting Dressed Guide. So many of you have such gorgeous 14th century men's outfits and accessories.  We thought we'd turn to you and ask if you'll help us with our cover art.

What we're looking for:

An attractive, colourful photo of 14th century men's clothing and/or accoutrements that accurately represents the time period.
Maybe you want to take a close-up of someone wearing the clothing, like our 20th century Men's Guide cover:
Or maybe you'd like to photograph the clothing displayed on a table or stand, like our Turkish Women's cover:
Or maybe you want to photograph an artistically-arranged bunch of period-appropriate items like our Heian Women's Guide cover:
Or maybe you have other artistic ideas about how to represent 14th century men's clothing in a photograph.
It's up to you!

The requirements:

  • items shown in the photograph must be replicas of European male garments or accessories dating from circa 1340-1390
  • photo must be digital or available in a digital format
  • photo must be in colour
  • resolution must be at least 600dpi at 9"x12"
  • you must own or have the right to reproduce the photograph (No Museum Photos!)
  • you must give us (Reconstructing History LLC) the right to reproduce the photo in perpetuity

What you get if you win:

  • A free downloadable Getting Dressed Guide
  • A coupon for use towards the purchase of any of our paper patterns
  • Photography credit in the 14th century Men's Getting Dressed Guide
  • Our unending gratitude and devotion
  • Bragging rights!

To enter the contest:

Please email a thumbnail in JPG format (4"x5" no more than 180dpi) to
If your photo is chosen as a finalist, we will ask you to send a high-res copy via Google Drive.
Submission of photos to this contest constitutes agreement to all rights to reproduce in perpetuity by Reconstructing History LLC.
Contest ends midnight Eastern Time on 30 June, 2014.

So get cracking!