CYPHAN Outfit -- sewing the skirts part three

Never underestimate the importance of the right underwear. 

In our last episode, you may remember that I was concerned that my underskirt was collapsing with the weight of my overskirt.  The underskirt is actually a fairly thin silk and the overskirt is heavy taffeta.  The result was that the underskirt was falling in towards the mannequin.

My dear friend, Madame Kat, in addition to reminding me that my dress form doesn't have legs and I have quite substantial gams, suggested I make a simple petticoat.  So I found some fine white cotton in my stash and cut a petticote not unlike the underskirt.  The essential part is the ruffle.  I pleated the top of a 12" band and attached it to the hem of the petticoat as you can see below.


the white petticoat from the side and with the ruffle partially attached

Then I finished up the underskirt (except for the ruffled border) and put it on the dress form over the petticoat.  Immediately the difference is evidence.  It sticks out!

the underskirt shown over the ruffled petticote

But the real test was putting the heavy overskirt on top of everything. Well, it worked!

the three skirts together

the overskirt from the back with the ties done up

Next... the bodice!