CYPHAN Outfit -- the designing

5:49 pm

As I laid out my pattern and was about to cut the tie-back underskirt, I noticed something. My sari body is not all the same from end to end.  Look:

the full sari showing the variation in frequency of gold roundels

Let me show you that a little closer so you can see the vast difference between one end of the sari and the other:


You see, saris are woven according to how they are worn. This sari is meant to be worn in the modern nivi drape, the one we are most used to seeing in this country. That's the one that gets all pleated in the skirts and then folds up over the left shoulder. The pallav or end piece (that hot pink bit you see in the first picture) is the bit that gets thrown over the shoulder. But the body of the sari that gets pleated and pleated doesn't need to have as much decoration on it as the part of the sari that is on top. Thus my sari with fewer roundels on one end of the body.

But do not fear. My trusty style consultant, Kate, advised me that I should cut the front from the bit with fewer roundels and the back with the part with lots of roundels for "fascinating pop of colour" right over my backside. I agree. =)

Next... I actually cut something out!