Doin' de Gheyn, Vol. 4

Well, friends, we're back from Gulf Wars!  It was a long - okay, interminable - ride home in the Halve Maen, but not too boring: songs were sung, stories told, deep conversations had, and all was well.

Now I'm back, I've got even more impetus to get to brass tacks with this damn project.  I did a little 'fence while at Gulf Wars, and had a blast!  Good friends, good foes, good times.  I fought under contract for Gleann Abheann, and had a considerable amount of fun making new friends.

What I noticed, however, was that I need new clothes.  BADLY.  There were n00bs out there better dressed than ME.

And that, O my children, simply cannot be permitted.

Robin was kind enough to take some measurements so I could get started.  Remember last post when I talked about clothes for SCA fencing?  Here's a practical demonstration.

Since I'm building my RH111 doublet over my modern fencing jacket, I need to confirm measurements.  First, Robin measured me over just a t-shirt (because that's what I wear under my jacket).  We took chest and waist.

The good news is I'm still a 43" chest. 

The bad news is I've grown into a superfatted poop with a 40+" natural waist. 

What's even more depressing is how smug Robin looks upon discovering the news.

Note to self: MOAR XRCISE, FATTY!

Waitaminnit - maybe this will lead to more 'fence.  Fencing is exercise.  Ooo.  I like this kind of vicious circle!

Then I donned my three-weapons jacket and we took another set of measurements.  And boy!  Am I glad we did.

I figured I'd pick up an inch, tops.  Turns out I picked up two inches on the chest and one on the waist! 

Next time I'll take you through the beginning of the Breeches - they're more simple than the Doublet, so I'm going to start there and get my bearings before moving on.

See you then!