Draping an overskirt

So my Belvidere Outfit is starting to really come along. My bodice is wearable and the skirt just needs a hem. Which means it's time to tackle the over-skirt.

Unfortunately neither Truly Victorian nor RH makes a pattern remotely like my original, so out came the muslin and it was time to drape it.  The most important feature to me in the original was the square angle at the bottom edge, so I started by ripping a square edge at about the right length and pinning it onto the form where I wanted it

Then I smoothed the extra around and snipped and pleated till I was happy with the shape. Yeah I know not especially helpful is it, but I drape very organically, you just fiddle till you like the way it looks. 


Once I was happy with the muslin I took it off and used it as a pattern for the silk, interesting it turned out to be a big square with a scoop out of the top corner. I sewed cream fringe around the edges at the same time, I'm all for time saving tricks like that. I sewed on a cream waistband and had every intention of even putting a skirt hook on it, but I'm apparently out, so I guess it's time for a trip to the bit J. 

Back view (You can get all kinds of fancy with how you sew your bouffant in...or you can put in a safety pin...my lips are sealed about my personal method)

Polly shows you the ensemble so far, I'm just trying out the ribbon/brooch combo. Any input? I thought about black, but the longer it stays on there the more I like the purple...plus it's leftover from my wedding so I don't have to buy anything, which fits my budget wonderfully.

So what's left, well a lot. but more importantly what's left till it's wearable tomorrow? (OMG it's tomorrow!!! * hyperventilates*...ahem sorry)
1. Some kind of Bodice closure, probably buttonholes.
2. Hem the skirt.
3. Hem the sleeves.

I'd also like to get some lace on it around the neckline and hooks and eyes to connect the bodice to the skirt. so send me some productive energy and someone pass the mountain dew!