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"Well done on a subject that most people have problems to begin with, and come to that, problems that become a habit when making kit. We here in Regia Anglorum on occasion have start-up groups that have little or no knowledge regarding soft kit, and now I have a page where I can direct them to for guidance. Well done again." â?? Roland Williamson, U.K., Authenticity Officer for Regia Anglorum

"Well, you've done a great job of helping us newbies. So thank YOU!" â?? Wendi Dunlap-Simpson, Seattle, Wash., USA

"Today my family and I went to our annual Hoggetowne Medieval Faire dressed in great garb. Even though it was just a faire I wanted my family to be as accurate as I was able to manage. Kass, thanks for your very helpful page and all of the info that you give here on the list. I used your beginner pattern and made two tunic dresses and underdresses for my daughters (ages 9 and 3) and they were adorable." â?? Jean Cardeilhac

"I looked at Kass's pages for the burn test guidelines to help me with it. Thanks Kass for putting that on your pages!" â?? Anabella from Australia

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the information that your site contains. Had I found this site 5 years ago, I would have saved myself many a headache. I truly enjoyed reading the great information you have and I have given your web address out to all the people I know, just so that they would be able to give the address out to new members as well as the ones who think they've got it down.... Thank you again." â?? Lady M.

"I have a friend who wanted to know how to make a period tunic. So, I sent him a link to your "First Garb" page. This is what he had to say:

"Thanks for the link to the tunic page. Wow! That's EXACTLY what I've needed this past year. That's the design that should go in the KW Handbook. I tried the rectangle-thing with some stretchy fabric I had. The idea was to make a close fitting tunic. Well, I got a close fitting shirt after all. Quite warm too. Didn't need to put gussets in, as I _thought_ about the direction of stretch before I cut. Worked out quite well. Thank you."

The stretchy fabric he used might not be period, but I'm glad it worked well! Thought you might want to know." â?? Meghan of Caerleon

"Your page is great! I was refered to it by someone for finding out the fiber content of fabric, and then found the patterns. My SCA persona is from around 1270, so I'm going to make a St. Louis Tunic"... Thanks for your help!!...I made a St. Louis tunic to test the pattern today. It works well!" â?? David

"Right now I'm working on early period with Kass's wonderful site but I have no intention of stopping there!" â?? Cathi in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

"I must say I've learned so much about garb from your web page and I just thought I would show you my progress... Here is the first garb I ever made for my daughter a couple of years ago... Here is this past year's garb using your beginner's garb info... I think that is progress. :)" â?? Amicia


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