Golden Age of Travel Dream Birthday -- Wardrobe Planning Week Five

Week Five.  I still need:
  • 11 10 formal evening gowns
  • 4 2 semi-formal dinner dresses
  • 15 14 day dresses or ensembles
  • 3 suits
But you know what we haven't done?  Coats!  This is no Caribbean cruise, RH fans.  Crossing the North Atlantic on a ship that averages 26 knots requires a coat.  And the wardrobe I'm building requires something special.  So let's start with a classic shape from the late 1910s -- the Raglan wrap, shown at right. A Raglan Wrap from an early 1920s German pattern book is pictured at left.  We are currently working on a pattern for this wrap.  The front of the coat can be seen in the upper left corner of the illustration.  It closes with one button at the lower waist. The Raglan Wrap requires about 4¼ yards of 45" wide fabric plus fur collar and cuffs. I have some lovely black velvet that I think will fit the bill nicely.   Next:  More wardrobe planning!
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